Tell your Outcomes Story

1:30–2:45 p.m.

Brittany Kirk, Associate Director, Ventures

This session will equip grantwriters to overcome frustration with the “How will you measure success?” question on grant applications. We will discuss different types of supportive data and lingo (metrics, objectives, goals, outputs, outcomes, deliverables, etc.) and how to make sure you’re really answering the funders’ questions. We will also explore ways to turn dry data points and measurement tools into an engaging, compelling story of a program’s impact. 

Presenter Bio: 
Brittany Kirk, Associate Director, Ventures: Brittany is the Associate Director at Ventures, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization, as well as the co-owner of a small consulting business, Impact Basics, focusing on nonprofit funding strategy and impact measurement. In each of these roles, Brittany works at the intersection of grantwriting, grants management, and program evaluation to help further nonprofit organizations’ important missions.