Data Visualization: Strengthen Storytelling and Engage Funders

1:30–2:45 p.m.

Anne Celovsky, Survey Specialist, Big Water Consulting; Katelin Jones, Survey Specialist, Big Water Consulting; Mary Lindeblad-Fry, Tribal Data Coordinator, Big Water Consulting

Communicate your message to funders in a format that’s dynamic and easily digestible. When seeking funding, data visualization enables grantwriters to present data that engages the reader and can be understood nearly instantaneously. Properly visualized data strengthens, rather than detracts from or confuses, the larger story of need, achievement or opportunity being told. The presenters will share a variety of forms and methods of data visualization and explain how effective use of these tools and media techniques can increase your chances of achieving grantwriting success.

Presenter Bio: 

Anne Celovsky is a Survey Specialist with Big Water Consulting, where she helps clients design surveys and interpret the results. She has a BA in Sociology from Reed College and an MPH from Columbia University.

Katelin Jones is a Survey Specialist with Big Water Consulting. Katelin received her BA in Social Work from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana and her Master's in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago.

Mary Lindeblad-Fry (Colville) is the Tribal Data Coordinator with Big Water Consulting and completed her degree in Sociology at Reed College. She enjoys utilizing her skills and experiences in using data to help tribes further enhance their sovereign capacity