Mary Gross
Freelance Grantwriter

Mary is a freelance grant writer and organizational growth consultant. She is a native Seattleite who has been a passionate advocate for community growth and equity programs since 1991. She came to the grant writing profession in 2014 as a way to better serve the various organizations working in our region to promote education, equity, and the arts.

She studied Art and Foreign Policy at Lafayette College and, after graduating, worked for Seattle area grassroots lobbies and working groups toward an end to invasive military actions in Central America. She is a passionate advocate for education and has volunteered with programs that improve opportunities for homeless children, seniors, the blind, and incarcerated populations. She is also deeply interested in new energy and efficiency technologies and has organized projects to promote and critique new ideas in the field.

Working across sectors and interest areas, she has developed a broad knowledge of organization practices which she uses to design and evaluate new operational models and tools for her clients. Mary is also a practicing artist working in sculpture, painting and printmaking.


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