Grantwriting from the Ground Up

PSGA Panorama: Intensive Training Option #1
8:45 - noon, Nov. 1, 2019

Master the basic elements of grantwriting and turn your passion for doing good into projects and programs that get funded and make a difference. Learn how to craft compelling proposals, prepare detailed budgets, and skillfully tell your organization's story. Veteran grantwriter Goodwin Deacon will give you the tools and techniques to get started and help you understand what funders are really looking for when they read your proposals.

You will learn:

  • How to write a winning letter of inquiry.
  • What funders are thinking when they read your proposal.
  • Techniques for creating a strong needs statement.
  • What budgets need to include and why they're so important.

The instructor:
Goodwin Deacon, PhD, is the founder of PSGA and has worked in the grantwriting field for 37 years. She is the President of Deacon Consulting, which provides grantwriting and prospect research services to a wide variety of nonprofits. She has been a freelance grantwriter and prospect researcher for 25 years. She has taught grantwriting at several universities and is a frequent trainer and panelist on professional topics. Goodwin is co-author, with Ken Ristine, of Grantsmanship for the GENIUS (2016), a step-by-step guide to crafting an irresistible proposal.

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