Maximizing Your Success in Federal Grant Writing

2018 PSGA Panorama: Intensive Training 
Part 1 8:30 to 11:45am and Part 2 2:15 to 4:30pm Oct. 17, 2018 

The environment for federal grants has become increasingly competitive.  At the same time, federal applications are demanding of time and resources. In this training, you will learn key strategies in successful federal grantseeking from start (reviewing the notice and deciding whether to apply) to finish (submission through The training emphasizes how to identify and respond to federal expectations and requirements so that you create high-scoring applications with the best chance of being funded. 

Participants will learn:

  • Understand the differences and similarities between foundation and federal grants and grantwriting.
  • Understand the structure of federal funding announcements, what they tell us about the funding opportunity, and what the funder is looking for in responses.
  • Deconstruct the application and reconstruct it to form a working outline for their proposal.
  • Use self-scoring to focus on their strengths and address areas of weakness.
  • Create budgets that are effective and responsive to federal expectations.
  • Understand federal grantwriting as a project management process, and manage that process effectively within their organization or with their client.
  • Identify sources of federal funding and estimating timelines for release.

The Instructor:

Sylvie McGee, MSW, is Principal of All For A Good Cause Consulting, an independent grants, and evaluation consulting firm that works with nonprofit, school district, and government entities throughout Western Washington. She has over 30 years of experience writing grants for youth services, education, affordable housing, substance abuse and mental health services and other community services. She has captured funding from a wide variety of foundation, corporate and government sources at all levels, and to date has raised over $93 million for varied clients.  Sylvie also provides program evaluation services, currently evaluating 21st Century Community Learning Centers in three South Puget Sound schools. In addition to her practice, Sylvie teaches grantwriting in both academic (UW, Evergreen State College) and workshop settings for multiple public and private agencies.

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