Jennifer Dumlao

President – Jennifer Dumlao
Viriditas Consulting LLC

Jennifer Dumlao

Jennifer Dumlao is the primary consultant and owner of Viriditas Consulting LLC.  She also works with a team of volunteer lap warmers / laptop sitters – her cats, Fanta and Marley.  Jennifer’s services include grant writing, prospect research, grant readiness assessments, budgeting, and reporting.  She has been a member of PSGA since 2012 when she began her fundraising career at the Environmental Science Center in Burien, WA.

Nature and environmental projects are nearest and dearest to her heart. She also looks forward to working with organizations in the fields of health, arts, and gender issues – especially those addressing equity and justice.  She has raised over $1.5 million in grants including a client’s first federal grant from NOAA, 2-year grant from the Department of Ecology to reach students in low-income areas, Boeing grant to provide professional development for teachers, and 7 years of continued renewal from The Russell Family Foundation.

Jennifer earned her B.S. degree in Biology from the University of Washington in 2008 and a Certificate in Fundraising Management from the UW in 2016.  During low tides in the spring, you can find her volunteering as a Beach Naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium.

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