Funders Forum

The Funders Forum is hosted twice a year by PSGA. The Seattle Funders Forum in the spring, focusing on funders working in the Seattle area, and the South Sound Funders Forum in the winter, focusing on the South Sound area (Tacoma, Olympia, etc.). Prior to 2020, these events were held in Seattle and Tacoma respectfully. Due to COVID-19, we have since transitioned to a virtual event for each, increasing the accessibility of the event and enlarging the geographic area of which attendees can participate from.

The next Seattle Funders Forum is April 28, 2023. Click here for more information and to register!

Here is how it works: 

Funders will represent private foundations, corporations, and government organizations. You will have four 25-minute sessions to hear funders discuss the basic facts relevant to their grant programs – giving priorities, deadlines, application processes, contact information, etc.

The Funders Forum is popular among grantwriters and other nonprofit staff members at all levels. For those new to grantwriting, it is a great opportunity to meet and learn from grantmakers. For experienced grantwriters, it is a chance to find out any changes in grantmaking. Be sure to review the Funders Forum Etiquette prior to attending.

We look forward to having you join us. If you are a funder interested in participating, please email us at

What Do Attendees Love About the Funders Forum?

“Getting to talk directly with Funders – there’s nothing else like it!”

“Learning nuances that grant guidelines don’t reveal.”

“After spending a few hours researching companies ahead of time online, it was much more informative hearing directly from the companies/foundations themselves.”

“Getting funder’s contact information and being invited to call/email them directly with questions.”

The event often sells out. Sign up for PSGA announcements and become a member so you can benefit from priority registration and discounts.