Scholarship Opportunities

PSGA’s scholarship program is designed to make participation possible for people who would otherwise be excluded due to financial circumstances. As grantwriters, we understand that quality programming around financial wealth redistribution can only be accurately informed by those in need. PSGA functions as an information exchange between funders and fund seekers. For this reason, it is critical to the organization to create participation pathways for people whose financial circumstances would exclude them from participating.

While we know that all grantwriters strive for financial efficiency in order to provide the most benefit to our fund-seeking clients and employers, membership and event fees are critical for the ongoing operation of the organization. For this reason, we ask people who are able to afford fees to refrain from availing themselves of the scholarship fund.

To apply for a partial scholarship for membership and/or an event, please fill out our brief online application. Please allow 5 business days for our response.

Note: Scholarships are available only to people living in or near the Puget Sound region, or who consistently work or volunteer with an organization in our region.