Learning to Write Grants

There are many ways and places to learn to write grants, especially here in the Northwest. You can read material on websites, register for web courses, read books, or attend classes.

Websites and online training:

  • GrantSpace, a free service of The Foundation center, offers information, training and resources to non-profits regarding finding funding and operating effective organizations.
  • The Foundation Center also offers free information and training through its home page under Get Started.


  • Deacon, Goodwin and Ken Ristine. Grantsmanship for the GENUS. Nashville, TN: CharityChannel Press, 2016 – Available on Amazon.com.
  • Howlett, Susan and Renee Bourque.  Getting Funded: the complete guide to writing grant proposals.  6th ed., completely rev. and updated.  Seattle,WA: Word & Raby Pub., 2016.
    Updated Resources and References
    Available on Amazon.com or at SusanHowlett.com
  • Clarke, Cheryl A.  Storytelling for grantseekers: a guide to creative nonprofit fundraising. 2nd ed.  San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2009.
  • Geever, Jane C.  The Foundation Center’s guide to proposal writing.  6th ed.  New York: The Foundation Center, 2012.
  • Margolin, Judith B.  Grantseeker’s guide to winning proposals.  New York: The Foundation Center, 2008.
  • Payne, Mary Ann.  Grant writing demystified.  Dubuque, IA: McGraw-Hill, 2011.
  • The Grantsmanship Center, Program Planning and Proposal Writing

The Foundation Center books are available in many libraries or can be purchased from the Foundation Center Marketplace

Find books on writing style and effectiveness.

Classes and workshops: