Call for Volunteers

Seattle and South Sound Lunchtime Committee
Both the Seattle and South Sound Lunchtime Committees are seeking a Logistics and Communications team member. This volunteer role is a great opportunity to meet people from across the sector and to learn more about the issues and skills in our field. Working on this committee, you can expect to have in-depth conversations with highly experienced people in the Philanthropy sector on topics that are critical to our work.

Logistics and Communications Role Specific Responsibilities:
Manage the organizational communications calendar to ensure that the marketing and promotions schedule is met, review drafts of communications to add input and proof for errors, and support the committee by contributing to the development of program content.

Time Commitment: Several hours monthly, with greater concentration prior to events

General Committee Duties, shared across all roles:

  • Work with other committee members to determine program topics and format.
  • Coordinate with other PSGA committees (Funders Forum, Specialized Training, and South Sound
  • Lunchtime Program) to avoid duplicate topics. Recruit speakers/panelists and act as their liaison.
  • Write program descriptions and announcements that are emailed to members and posted on PSGA’s website.
  • Setup and breakdown meeting room, with the help of attendees and volunteers.
  • Greet event attendees and, ideally, create icebreaker activities.
  • Thank speakers/panelists for their participation after the program.
  • Enhance the program content by listening to PSGA members, reviewing the program follow-up surveys, and broadening your general understanding of nonprofit and philanthropic work.
  • Recruit and orient new committee members.
  • Work with committee members to continuously enhance and update program content and aspects.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact Brandon Lueken, PSGA Volunteer Coordinator at or 206-708-3799.

Specialized Training Committee
If you’d like to make personal contacts with funders and philanthropists, network with our region’s most experienced development professionals, and dramatically increase your fundraising knowledge and skills, join PSGA’s Specialized Trainings Committee today!

Volunteers will work with other committee members to identify subjects of interest to PSGA members, recruit talented presenters, prepare marketing materials, and produce 3-4 trainings/year which explore a wide range of exciting topics grantwriters want and need to know about.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, contact Brandon Lueken, PSGA Volunteer Coordinator at or 206-708-3799. 

Membership & Marketing Committee
The Membership and Marketing Committee is looking for volunteers to fill several roles. If you are interested in any of these roles please contact Brandon Lueken, PSGA Volunteer Coordinator at or 206-708-3799

  • Supporting social media posts
    Looking for 2-3 volunteers who would like to help with one or more of these roles: Writing social media posts to promote programs and events, posting on our social media, creating images, and/or finding content for posts. We’d also like a volunteer who is interested in supporting our DEIA goals through social media posts. You will likely liaison with several volunteers and/or committees.
    Hours: 1-4 hours a month depending on the time commitment you want to make
    Commitment: We would love a 6 to 12-month commitment
    Committee: Joining the Membership and Marketing Committee is optional. The committee meets monthly.
  • Membership & Marketing Committee
    Online content support: Over the next several months we will be creating online content to start a blog on the PSGA website. We have a great plan for curating the content, but we need more bodies to help us. We need 3 volunteers who can help in the following roles: Organizing content calendar, developing content guidelines, liaison with contributors, reviewing content, and support writing short promos for the content.
    Hours: Depending on the role, 2-4 hours a month (including a committee meeting) depending on the time commitment you want to make
    Commitment: We would love a 6 to 12-month commitment
    Committee: These positions are integral members of the  Membership and Marketing Committee, which meets virtually once a month.