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PSGA provides opportunities throughout the year to learn from experienced professionals and funders about the latest trends, information and tips on grant development.

Etiquette when you meet funders at PSGA events

The funders who speak at our meetings and conferences are happy to meet grantwriters and explain their giving programs to us. You may introduce yourself after the meeting, leave your business card, and perhaps ask the funders how and when you might talk to them later about your organization and projects. However, PSGA meetings are not the place to discuss your funding needs (or - horrors!) to hand your proposal directly to grantors. Such behavior may offend funders and may make them reluctant to attend grantwriters' meetings in the future.

Services You Get Through PSGA

PSGA Listserv: news about local funders, Q&A about grantwriting and research - network without leaving your desk.

Directory of local freelance grantwriters

Links to classes and workshops in the region

Job openings (employers interested in posting job announcements: learn more.)

Programs that PSGA Offers

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